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About Us

Company Profile

Our Mission:

To provide better services to our customers all around the world, and pursue customer satisfaction with constant efforts and passion in used automobile industry.

Our Vision:

With the growth of developing countries and increased awareness of resource saving, the needs for used automobiles have been and will be becoming greater and greater. Our worldwide services assist and promote your business according to the global trend.

What we are:

AJ Corporation is one of the leading automobile trading company whose headquarter is located at Hokkaido, Japan. Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Gulf and Russian regions are our strong markets. Each and every automobile in our stock is purchased after careful appraisal and inspection in Japan by our discerning and experienced buyers, so any automobile that we have can be your best choice.Currently we are operating our foreign offices from several countries to provide our services and we are still in expanding phase.
Since our first entry into the market, we have been growing with innovative ideas, improved technologies, and solid systems.

AJ Corporation also let customers participate in automobile auctions in Japan, where you may find your desired vehicles. We perform thorough inspection for each automobile before the delivery at your door step.
We never stop making efforts for providing our customers with better services, and keep pursuing higher customer satisfaction!

What we are supplying:

Cars – Used SUV, Used MUV, Used Hatchback, Used Wagon, Used Sedan Cars, Used Cars, Used Coupe, Used Mini Vans, Used Long Vans, Used Vans, Used Jeeps, Used Pickups, Used Vehicles, Used Saloon, Damaged Cars

Trucks – Used Mini Truck, Used Light Duty Trucks, Used Heavy Duty Trucks, Used Freezer Trucks, Used Special Purpose Trucks, Used Garbage Trucks, Used Fire Trucks, Used Cargo Trucks, Used Container Trucks, Used Arm roll Trucks, Used Tipper Trucks, Used Trailer Trucks, Used Wing body Trucks, Used Box Body Trucks, Used Trailer Head, Used Flat Trucks, Used Tankers, Used Trucks

Buses – Mini Bus, Medium Bus, Used Large Bus, Micro Bus, Used Buses

Heavy Equipment – Used Excavator, Used Cranes, Used Wheel Loader, Used Bulldozer, Used Crawler, Used Mini Excavator, Used Compactor, Used Crawler Cranes, Used Aerial Platform, Used Concrete Pump, Used Asphalt Paver, Used Concrete Mixers, Used Dump Trucks, Construction Machinery, and all related Machinery

Motorcycles – Used Sports Bikes, Used Dirt Bikes, Used Street Bikes, Used Two Wheelers, Used Scooters, New Bikes, Motor Bikes


– JCCI : Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

– JUMVEA : Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association

– JCT : Japan Car Trade

– All Japanese Used Car Auctions like USS Auctions, TAA Auctions, JU Auctions, ARAI Auctions, CAA Auctions, HAA Auctions any many more

Contact Info

Company name : AJ CORPORATION LTD.

Headquarter : Postal Code 047-0031 Otaru shi ironai 3-9-21 Hokkaido-Japan

Phone Number (Landline) : +81-134-64-1641

Fax number : +81-134-64-1646

Mobile Number : +81-90-8872-9872

Email : ajcorporation@live.com ; csd@todan27.sg-host.com

Website : www.todan27.sg-host.com

Skype : ahmedpk01 / usama.ajc

WhatsApp : +81-90-8872-9872

Viber : +81-90-8872-9872

Business description : Export and sale of automobiles

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